Our Business Games Platform

One subscription allows your organization to access educational business games.

The tasks are focused on each crucial area of business administration, such as business model planning and restructuring, finance, marketing, project management, and many others.

Each game is a set of challenging tasks a team of 4-6 people will be solving.

Play through the real business case and make Tool Instruments Ltd.

Here is a selection of the game and learning elements:

The Curriculum


Price stated per 1 game on the platform!

For obtaining the pricing of more games – contact the sales department via the contact form below!

  • €200.00 per player per year.
  • One moderator (from your company or from Serious Games.Studio) per up to 30 players.
  • €1 250.00 per one Serious Games.Studio moderator.
  • €1 490.00 for training one moderator from your company on moderating 1 game.
  • €1 990.00 one-time game setup fee.

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About us

Our Mission & Vision

The vision of Serious Games.Studio is to become the first choice for HR professionals in corporations and universities for effective skill-enhancing and engaging business simulation games for their managers and students.

We consider our mission to make business education fun and team-based, as it is in the real world. Using gamification, digitalization, and experiential learning practices, Serious Games.Studio enhances the skills of each learner individually and of teams in working collaboratively.

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