Serious Games.Studio & Lauder Business School: trialblazing the world of serious games

Our journey in software development started more than a year ago. And one of the factors we consider crucial since the first day is cooperation, inviting titans of education to play our games, test them and give us priceless feedback. Lauder Business School (LBS) has been our partner on this path for a while, and now our relationship has reached a new level. 

This May, we and Lauder Business School are starting new cooperation. In the framework of our cooperation, the LBS team of Prof. (FH) Mag. Julius Dem, MBA, Director of Studies International Business Administration, and Prof. (FH) Dr. Tamás Csermely, MSc Director of Studies: International Management & Leadership and Strategic Finance & Business Analytics, actual game instance managers, will be working on the creation of the game to enrich the curriculum of the “Student Consultancy Project” course of third-semester master students. 

The cooperation framework requires LBS to define the game they would like to be playing with their students from a to z. A team of LBS will become game designers, creating the scenario of the game, and its plot, defining the challenges and tasks that students will need to face and creating a data model for digitalizing the game into Serious Games.Studio platform. The process of game creation is not a walk in the park, it requires precision and experience in the field the game will be built around, so for LBS to develop their own game on the Serious Games.Studio platform, we will be working together. Supporting the team of LBS on their way to a complex, yet the fun game is a top priority of such cooperation. We use game development guidelines and provide a cooperation manager to illumine any difficulties that might arise. 

For LBS, innovating education practices to boost the efficiency of learning and student engagements is a spotlight of development. Designing the game to fit the curriculum is expected to have a positive impact on many soft and hard skills of the learners. 

Master, students will get to experiment, take risks, test different strategies to resolve business- and economics-related problems, and get creative in a safe environment. “The safe virtual environment takes away the pressure and allows for a complete immersion in the learning process. Students will get to experiment to their heart’s content without worrying about mistakes and real-life consequences. However, the simulation will be no easy game. It will embed a real-life project’s stages, and requirements, and will demand a serious game plan from start to finish,” says our Game Master, Mag. Degenhart.

We can’t wait to see the result of the cooperation between Serious Games.Studio and Lauder Business School! Which scenario it’s going to have, which tasks and how will the students like their new journey – these are all questions yet to be answered in the following months. 

But don’t worry, we will keep you updated and be very loud about the cool ideas we have on the table with LBS! 

When this article motivates you to discuss the potential of your own business game – reach out! Together, our ideas shine brighter! 

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